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  • Predictive maintenance technology

    From vehicle sensor data + driving behavior analytics + other key contextual information, xMotion’s technology can predict failures and automatically schedule maintenance using a combination of machine learning (AI) and condition-based algorithms.

  • Smart maintenance and repair management


    Based on xMotion's unique condition-based maintenance technology, our platform informs the fleet manager about the next for scheduling maintenance. Our solution can automatically schedule a maintenance with your favorite maintenance service partners.

    Digital service book

    The xMotion platform centralizes your maintenance and repair quotes and invoices.

    Advise and support

    Our expert maintenance team can control your maintenance quotes and verify they are accurate and affordable.

  • Field agent monitoring & automated workflow

    You team is mobile. With xMotion, tasks are automatically assigned and communication is facilitated on a smartphone or tablet-base application. The fleet manager monitors the whole activity from the company's web dashboard.

  • Immutable and certified safety check

    Fleet operators risk high legal liabilities in case of a car accident.

    xMotion's unique technology helps you eliminate risks through our cutting-edge and unique web, mobile and blockchain-based platform.

    Automated and digitized

    After each drive, each vehicle's on-board diagnostic is automatically recorded.

    In addition, your fleet operator fills-out a geolocated and time-stamped vehicle description with photos on a tablet or smartphone.


    You don't risk any legal liability. xMotion's safety checks have been approved by government and insurance associations.


    Each safety check is localized, time-stamped, secured and encrypted through a blockchain.


    Chicago, USA - Paris, France
    USA: +1 (347) 708 0373 - France +33 (0)6 72 85 93 26
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