• Optimizing automotive fleets maintenance & repair


  • 40% of parts aren't monitored by sensors


    Fleet managers rely on the OBD signals to plan their vehicle maintenance. Unfortunately, most vehicle part's health can't be monitored through sensors, causing car accidents and unnecessary maintenance scheduling.


    We have therefore created the first software and data science technology, enabling smart health prediction for tires and brakes which represent 9% of vehicles TCO.

  • Reduce part failure and unnecessary maintenance scheduling.

    Dedicated to tires, brake discs and brakes pads.

    Failure alert

    Our software automatically alerte you when it predicts a part failure.

    Automatic scheduling

    No need to worry about missing out. Our software solution can automatically schedule part maintenance for you.

    Coach your drivers to reduce

    Without a driver on-board, fleet companies fear many passenger

  • Between 11% and 15% TCO is dedicated to repair and maintenance.

    Today, fleets manually manage their vehicles maintenance through car manufacturers generic maintenance schedule.

    They waste time and money on maintenance scheduling and on parts.

    We are now giving you the right tools to solve these problems.

  • A full set of online and mobile tools to easily manage your vehicles maintenance schedules.

    You can manage your fleet from a web portal. You customers have access to

    No OBD dongle required.

    Our technology works from an easy-to-deploy smartphone application.

    Avoid premature wear & tear parts replacements.

    Our technology informs you about the perfect schedule to change tires and braking systems.

    Reduce costs spent on tires and braking systems.

    Through our mobile app, we coach your drivers to driver softer and thus to save costs on tires & braking systems.

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