• Protecting humans through ubiquitous computer vision technology.


    Now looking for talented technical and science cofounders.

  • Why xMotion?

    Computer vision technology is one of the most promising fields in artificial intelligence. It is now being used in many areas such as video surveillance and medical image analysis. The overall market is expected to grow from 3 billion USD today, to approximately 26 billion USD in 2025.


    One new hot trend is on-the-edge embedded computer vision. There are many opportunities in this field right now. In particular, one promising market segment is in-vehicle on-board computer vision. From passenger car safety, to self-driving vehicle fleet operations, the use cases are numerous and fascinating. And the market opportunity is really BIG.


    There is no main player today so there's plenty of room for us to grow and to successfully take the leadership. After rapidly nailing the self-driving vehicle niche, we can later expand to other related market segments such as in-vehicle public transportation video-surveillance, drone & robot vision, as well as autonomous flying taxis and even space exploration! So basically, our market potential is worth several billions of dollars.


    To succeed this ambitious project, I am looking for one or two talented lead technical and science cofounder(s), able to develop such a solution with me, and to help me build a team of super bright engineers and scientists.


    For more information about the project: www.xmotion.io/project

    The technical challenges for this project

    • Real-time embedded computer vision with ultra-low power consumption.
    • Proposing a software + hardware full-stack solution.
    • Accessing to enough quality training datasets.
    • Challenging detection use cases such as cigarette smoke, graffiti, wrong posture, violence.
    • Lighting condition changes during the day.
    • Continuous learning in an on-the-edge embedded environment.
    • Data communication and cybersecurity.
    • Privacy management.
    • Complex logistics for in-vehicle solution installation, configuration, maintenance.

    How are we going to train, validate and test our computer vision models?

    As most A.I. development company with a B2B business model, we will build our technology by working with our customers datasets. We will therefore need to work with as many customers as possible.

    How are we going to succeed?

    • By building the right team with the right skills and the right ambition.
    • By focusing on very specific market segments with much business potential.
    • By deeply listening to our customers needs.
    • By progressing fast through venture capital funding.
    • By benefiting from public funds and incentives for R&D.
    • By partnering with the best universities and tech labs.
    • By including insightful and experienced mentors on our board.

    The perfect timing

    • I've already validated the need for such a solution with several world leading customers and I'm discussing with some of them for future project development. The French administration wishes to offer high security standards for the 2024 Paris Olympics Games.
    • This is a brand new and promisingly very large market. There is therefore plenty of room for us to grow and take the lead on new market segments such a smart video-surveillance for fleets of vehicles, for passenger cars and for drones and robots.
    • There are much private and public fundings available today for startups like ours.

    Our goal, plan and roadmap

    Our goal is to become leader at embedded computer vision technology for the video security market.


    Our plan and roadmap: please contact me for more details.

  • Technical & Science cofounder(s)

    I'm looking for One or Two technical & science cofounder(s) with the right skills, the right vision and ambition.

    Your missions, depending on your skills and personal aspirations.

    Technology & Product
    • Develop our in-house technology and ensure the solution is at the best level of cost, performance, security and availability.
    • Select the right technologies and suppliers in order to package the best turnkey solution for our customers: CV algorithms, software development, optical sensor, processor, electronics, data transmission.

    Strategy & Finance:

    • Participate in the company's key strategic decisions.
    • Help us get R&D public finance and tax incentive programs.
    • Build great academic relationships and partnerships.
    • Manage our Intellectual Property.
    • Recruit, manage and inspire an awesome tech team.
    • Manage our R&D projects with the best quality, cost and schedule targets.
    • Manage our suppliers and tech partners.

    Communication & Network: Communicate about your work (Articles, Meetups, Conferences, Blog, Media, etc.)

    Your profile, skills and mindset

    • Demonstrable results in an academic or company environment in Computer science, Computer vision, Optical sensors, Electronics.
    • Masters Degree / PhD. or equivalent experience that's demonstrable (e.g. through open-source contributions etc.)
    • You're tired of working for a boss and you're ready to become your own. You have an entrepreneurial mindset.
    • You hate wasting your time and you love working on crazy projects such as self-driving vehicles and space exploration.
    • You have great communication skills.
    • You're a down-to-earth problem solver, a maker and an efficient work executor.
    • You never stop learning and you like to share your expertise with others.

    The conditions

    • Full-time position based in Paris for the first few years. We will open offices abroad in the future.
    • As cofounder, you will receive a large amount of shares in the company.
    • We will pay salaries by working on technology development projets for customers, and by finding R&D fundings.
    Please contact me for more details.
  • Just a few words about me

    My name is Laurent Dunys. I'm a 38 years old geeky startup entrepreneur and automotive engineer from Paris.

    • I have a Master's degree from ENSAM ParisTech, with a major in Mechanical engineering.
    • I lived in the USA for two years when I was 20 years old.
    • I don't watch TV, I don't like small talks and I'm not the most patient person on earth. Other than that, I'm super optimistic and determined, I love solving big problems and traveling around the world.
    • My big dream is to get to travel to space one day.

    Photo Laurent Dunys CEO The Bot Studio

    Startup entrepreneur

    Cofounder and COO at Eventtia

    Launching and growing a software startup dedicated to the professional event industry.

    • USA, French and Colombian company.
    • Team of 20 employees on two continents.
    • From 0 to +170 medium-large paying customers around the world.
    Photo Laurent Dunys CEO The Bot Studio

    Automotive engineer

    14 years working at Renault and Nissan in Paris.

    • Successfully managed multi-million euros worth R&D projects.
    • Worked with some of the world-leading safety component suppliers (Autoliv, TRW, Valeo, Continental, etc.)
    • Managed remote teams.
    • Great network to leverage upon.
    • Great understanding about the automotive industry in general, and about passenger safety in particular.
    • Great understanding about the impact of future regulations and trends.
    Photo Laurent Dunys CEO The Bot Studio


    Founder and community manager at the Connected and Self-driving Car Meetup in Paris.

    Today, I can leverage on this qualified network to launch xMotion.

    • Organizing 1 Meetup event a month.
    • +2100 active members and growing.
    • 15 sponsoring companies such as IBM, Société Générale, ALD Automotive, etc.
    • 47 innovative projects highlighted, such as PSA, Here, Mobileye, etc.
    • A monthly newsletter dedicated to our members.
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