• With today's tools, developing and updating automotive and transportation software is complex, long and expensive.


    • Without a driver on-board, fleet companies fear many passenger

    Sensor integration

    • "Survey reveals fear of robot rides has risen with 73% saying they wouldn't


    • Without a driver on-board, fleet companies fear many passenger
  • The perfect solution for you

    Easy-to-use software developer tool


    Configure your system and connect your sensors.


    Design your scenarios and simulate the result.


    Transform into code and deploy into your vehicles ECU.


    Update your scenarios as often as desired.

  • xMotion's benefits

    Instead of developers writing custom and maintaining custom code, let them use the power of xMotion to speed up the process.

    Save time and money

    Developing software is 10x faster and cheaper than usual.

    Speed up software evolutions

    Deliver amazing experiences

  • How businesses use xMotion

    Fleets of urban self-driving vehicles.




    Vehicle OEMs and suppliers

    • Driver and passenger comfort scenarios
    • Active and passive safety system scenarios
    • Multimedia scenarios

    Fleets of autonomous vehicles

    • Passenger information, safety and comfort automated scenarios
    • Pedestrian and other vehicles information scenarios
  • But when we look at the big picture

    Our long term total addressable market is going to be HUGE.

    Passenger car safety

    • New EuroNcap requirements for driver monitoring (2020) and for child presence detection (2022)
    • Occupant Classification System regulation in the USA.
    • Can replace many current sensors.
    • Huge potential market.


    Car sharing

    High cost of cleaning and maintenance due to drivers and passengers disrespectful behavior. We can help detect and prevent costly behaviors. Our solution solves a real business problem today.

    Buses & Metros

    • Already highly equipped with video cameras but without computer vision system today.
    • No technical solution perfectly suited today.
    • Paris Olympics 2024 will require high levels of passenger security.

    Fleets of autonomous delivery vehicles

    Without a driver / deliverer on-board, companies such as Amazon, UPS and DHL wish to ensure the right package is delivered to the right customers, and packages are not stolen. We can help them succeed in this matter.



    Trains, aircrafts, cruise ships, space stations

    • Large potential market segments to explore as well.
    • Paris Olympics 2024 will require high levels of passenger security.

    Autonomous flying taxis

    • New promising market segment.
    • Very similar use case as for fleets of urban autonomous robotaxis.

    Drones & Robots

    • Very large future markets.
    • Our very low consumption embedded CV software can probably bring great value to these companies.

    Space travel

    • Many use cases to explore.
    • Ultra low power consumption technology required.
    • Great opportunity as highly funded private companies are entering the market. (Amazon, Virgin, SpaceX, etc.)
  • Our B2B business model

    Annual licence + maintenance fees for each equipped vehicle.


    • Our standard models are pre-trained with publicly available datasets.
    • We will train, validate and test our models with our customers datasets.
    • Continuous improvement through embedded machine learning algorithms.


    • If already equipped with on-board cameras, we can deploy our software within our customers infrastructure.
    • If needed, we can develop a custom full-stack solution for our customers.
  • What do you think about our startup project?

    Drop us a message and let's talk about it.

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