• Fleets of self-driving vehicles and mobile ground robots require

    xMotion's remote control solution

    Vehicle / robot software incident

    Vehicle / robot accident

    Road work, Police intervention

    Extreme weather conditions

  • The xMotion adaptive solution

    You can remotely control all your robots / vehicles from one single interface.

    Fleet assistance dashboard

    • Anomaly detection, diagnostics, failure modeling and prediction. 
    • Sensor / Camera data access
    • Anomaly and support ticket management
    • Share event data and alternative trips with other fleet assistance solutions.

    Vehicle remote control

    • Cameras live streaming with low latency and high bandwidth.
    • Compatible with several command user interfaces:
      • New route planning on a map
      • Joystick or tablet control
      • Full vehicle setup with screens, steering wheel, acceleration and brake pedal
      • Virtual Reality headset

    Robust and secured API

    • Connect with any robot / vehicle brand, and any fleet management software.
    • Connect with other external API (map, weather, traffic, etc.)

    Performant and reliable connectivity

    • Support the most common and reliable connectivity technologies: LTE, Wifi
  • Compatible with any self-driving vehicle and mobile robot

    Industrial mobile robots

    City delivery, cleaning and security bots

    Shuttles and Buses


    Heavy trucks

    Heavy duty trucks and tractors

  • Let's work together and accelerate the advent of autonomous driving and mobile robotics

    Currently in R&D phase, we are looking for professional partners to test our solution.

    Fleet owners

    Vehicle / Robot manufacturers

  • We are a software and robotics technology company.

    Together, we combine more than 30 years working on automotive safety, robotics, software and data science technology.

  • They support us




  • Ready to secure your fleet of self-driving vehicles or mobile robots?

    Let's make it happen together

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